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Short Term Car Insurance

The average car insurance policy usually runs for a full 12 months. For a standard driver, this is no issue at all. However, for those that do not need full coverage for an entire year there is the option of short-term car insurance.

What is Short Term Car Insurance ?

Short-term car insurance covers your policy needs for 1 to 28 days. Most insurance companies offer deals that run as short as a single day, so you can cover yourself for exactly the time you need without having to pay extra.

You will usually need to comply with the following:

Your driving licence must have been held for a minimum of 6 months for UK licences and a minimum of 12 months for European Union licences.

Drivers will usually be required to be 18 years of age or over.

You must have been resident in the UK for the last 12 months.

The application process is usually quite simple and most companies allow you to complete it online. You will need to know your exact vehicle type as well as registration number. Additionally, you will be expected to provide standard personal and contact details. The majority of insurance companies will allow you to tailor the insurance policy based on your exact needs and budget. For example, you can add breakdown cover or change the excess amount as per your preference.

There are a couple of things you should keep in mind before applying. You will usually be offered a No Claims Bonus protection as standard, but it is always worth double-checking. Additionally, if you are thinking of driving in the EU make sure that your policy covers this as well. You will often need to pay a little extra to get this added onto your policy.